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On Saturday I spend a wonderful day at the Food Matters event in Sydney listening to a collaboration of wellness advocates speak on the benefits of eating real food. What better way to finish the day than with an early dinner at The Plant Gallery in Bondi. I attended the restaurant opening a couple of weeks back and after tasting a couple of canapés on the night my taste buds and mouth had been salivating all day at the thought of the impending raw vegan delights.

The Plant Gallery in located in Bondi, 95 Bondi Road, a little hard to see when the door is open as the signage disappears but look for Escape Medi Spa and the big Skinstitut sign at the front and you will see The Plant Gallery shrouded in greenery right opposite.

I took my husband along for the experience who is a healthy eater advocate but by no means a raw food vegan lover if anything he veers more towards the Paleo side! A shall we say disappointing raw vegan food experience a couple of years ago got him off side and so he unwillingly tagged along with my enthusiasm to The Plant Gallery.

Our meal was a clean, fresh and surprisingly filling experience. A refreshing Ginger and Turmeric Kombucha kicked off the evening which tasted delicious, a far cry from the sweaty sock tasting variety that I tried when it first came into vogue. The menu was raw and vegan inspired but whilst all the food was “raw” it did not seem uncooked. The food was well matched with each ingredient carefully chosen to go with the other to create well rounded dishes. My only gripe would be that I personally felt there was a lot of sweetcorn on the menu and I don’t do so well will those little yellow sweet kernels for a multitude of environmental and health reasons.

Unlike other raw food experiences however this did not feel like novelty food rather it was food with a purpose.


  • Earth Kombucha

  • Sweet Onion Pizza

  • Beetroot Carpaccio Salad

  • Spaghetti Huancaina with Cashew Parmesan Chips

  • Dessert:Deconstructed Inca Berry Cheesecake

Favourite dish:

Beetroot Carpaccio Salad.

The ultra-fresh, perfectly balanced flavours were delightful and each mouthful felt like it was nourishing my soul. The raw crunchy, nutty base pizza was pretty up there too though hmmm but then again I’m still dreaming about that creamy cashew Inca Berry Cheesecake!

We left feeling like we had a full 3 course dinner with all the trimmings but felt light, clean and nourished at the same time. The real tell-tale sign was that my “I don’t do raw vegan food” husband loved it and we will most certainly be back for more.

Thank you to David and his team at the The Plant Gallery and keep up the delicious, nourishing meals, I’ll be back real soon.

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