Why is my body craving chocolate?

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere!

From chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate hot cross buns, chocolate cakes to beautifully handcrafted exquisitely decorated chocolates, Easter is a chocolate lover’s paradise and a dieter’s demise.

If you are well and truly a chocoholic and experience constant chocolate cravings it may well be a sign that your body is in need of the mineral magnesium!

Why is my body craving magnesium?

Magnesium is an important mineral that we require for many different enzyme functions within the body and without enough magnesium we can experience a multitude of minor health issues such as PMT, fatigue, energy slumps, irritability, hormonal imbalance, muscle aches and sugar and coffee cravings to name just a few. Choosing to eat magnesium rich foods daily can greatly help to subside chocolate cravings and overeating so be sure to include magnesium rich foods over Easter to avoid a chocolate blow out.

One of the reasons that we tend to crave chocolate when we are low in magnesium is because magnesium is naturally found in chocolate but unfortunately not the sweet fatty chocolate that tends to be what we see most of at Easter. Choose 70% cocoa chocolate or raw cacao over Easter for a healthier chocolate alternative.

Other magnesium rich foods are green leafy vegetables (not quite as yummy but regular consumption will reduce chocolate cravings so try giving a green smoothie a go), fresh fruits, nuts and seeds.

For a delicious magnesium rich boost of chocolate heaven this Easter try my guilt free chocolate ganache cake. This is one of the richest, fudgiest decadent chocolate tasting cakes you will have ever tried but without the sugar coma hangover that usually pursues. It’s free from refined sugar and artificial nasties, high in fibre, protein and minerals including magnesium.

It’s official, you can finally have your cake and eat it too!

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