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With warmer weather on the way and we get ready to bare all, I often get asked what is the easiest way to hair free, touchable soft, smooth, summer skin.

This season, Venus is taking the hair removal game to the next level by introducing the new concept of Skin Smoothing. Smoothing goes beyond shaving to not only remove the hair, but deliver a customised beauty experience and take care of the skin, as well as eliminate some of those decisions in the morning, ultimately making lives easier.

Here are my customised Smoothing tips to ensure that no matter what kind of shaving experience you need, we have you covered this summer, inside and out.

Eat and Smooth

Ultra-silky, soft, smooth skin starts from within and a good skin canvas makes skin smoothing oh-so-easy. Include skin-nourishing foods such as avocados, coconut oil, nuts, seeds and oily fish in your diet to keep the skin soft and smooth. If you’re short on time, include daily smoothies with some of these ingredients to help keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

Exfoliate and Smooth

For perfectly smooth skin, gently exfoliate the skin prior to shaving to gently remove any dry, flaky winter skin and to free any trapped hairs under the surface. Choosing a multiple blade razor to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin allows for the closest shave possible without the nicks and cuts that can occur from single blade, disposable razors.

Choose and Smooth

A razor is not just a razor! Choose one that is suited to your skin type and your lifestyle to ensure the smoothest skin possible. Advanced shaving tools allow you the choice to incorporate technology such as flexible razor heads, ergonomically designed handles, moisture glide ribbons, multiple blades and in-built combs to perfectly match the right razor to your skin type. To avoid awkward positions and time consuming routines, choose a razor with a flexible head that has multi-dimensional movements to contour around tricky areas such as knees and ankles. Say goodbye to ankle nicks and hairy knees! Try Gillette Venus Swirl with FLEXIBALL.

Glide and Smooth

Smooth the skin prior to shaving with warm water and a good quality shaving gel. Warm water softens the skin and the hair to give a smoother shave. Many women make the mistake of using soap or shower gels to shave with which leave the skin dry, sensitised and prone to nicks and cuts. A shaving gel is designed to give added hydration, slip and coverage to the skin to ensure silky smooth skin. If time is not on your side and lathering up seems time consuming, simply choose the Venus SNAP, (my personal favourite) the perfect razor for those on-the-go. Simply wet the razor to glide and smooth – no shaving gel required and it comes in a handy ready-to-go travel case too!

Hydrate and Smooth

Some razors now even come with built in moisture ribbon strips to hydrate and smooth the skin as you shave! Try the Venus & Olay moisture glide razor and finish by smoothing and sealing the skin with a nourishing moisturiser. Apply a body moisturiser whilst the skin is still damp after showering to lock in extra moisture for a silky, smooth hydrated skin. Wait for at least an hour after skin smoothing before using any heavily fragranced body sprays, deodorants or fake tans to avoid any skin sensitivity or stinging sensations.

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