Superfood Trends for 2017

2017 is a number one year, symbolic of fresh starts and new beginnings. With each new year comes new health trends and 2017 is no exception. Check out my predictions for 2017!


2017 is the year for self care. We have been so preoccupied in the past with health trends that are all about making us look good we have got lost in burpies, planks and mindless running on tread mills. Focussing on what makes us feel good from what we eat to nourish our bodies to what we do to nourish our souls is the new norm for 2017. Nourishment and nutrients rather than counting calories and exercising to burn calories.


Health retreats and taking time out will continue to grow in popularity. From yoga weeks in Bali to winter wellness long weekends, retreats are an important part of nourishing the mind, body and soul. They will become more specialised and personalised. I’ll be running a winter wellness country retreat in June with the supercharged Lee Holmes so be sure to stay tuned for more details!

Forensic Nutrition

We will move away from diet fads and trends and see an increase in personalised nutrition. Personal diagnostic techniques such as face, nail, hair and tongue analysis will start to gain popularity with customised programmes and treatment plans to treat each individual accordingly.

Avocado Oil

Step aside coconuts, because avocado oil is destined to be the next big player in the healthy oil arena. Known for its creamy deliciousness in salads, dips and smoothies, avocado oil is packed with skin-loving nutrients such as carotenoids, lutein and vitamin E that will leave you glowing. The wonder oil also boasts high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids which reduces damaging levels of inflammation in the body and helps to protect against heart disease, dementia and stroke. Similar in texture to olive oil, the added bonus of avocado oil is that it can be used for cooking due to its high smoke point, plus it can be applied topically as daily moisturiser for soft, supple skin.

Inulin Prebiotic (the new probiotic)

Probiotics are live microorganisms that when taken can help improve gut health – which is essential for overall health and vitality. But did you know that for probiotics to actually have an effect we need to create the right environment for the good gut bacteria to thrive? This is where inulin prebiotics come in. Inulin is a fructan which is indigestible by our body, but the good bacteria in our gut flora flourishes in its presence and makes it stick to the bowel wall. Not only does it support probiotics, but Inulin also helps to improve absorption of minerals, and can also help satiate the appetite to aid in weight loss. Either available in powder form or from food sources such as chicory and Jerusalem artichokes, Inulin prebiotics are the next big thing when it comes to gut health and wellbeing.

Sacha Inchi Inca Nut

Say goodbye to soaking your almonds overnight, because the Sach Inchi nut is an easily digestible nut that that is rich in essential fatty acids, sure to push the humble almond off its super food perch. Newly discovered in the western world, the nut also known has Inca peanut, derives from the seeds of a native Peruvian plant and has been used as a food source in the Amazon for over 3,000 years. The seeds are rich in protein, omega 9 and vitamin E and A and can be eaten whole or in the form of a superfood powder or oil.


If you thought jelly was just for kids parties think again. We are not talking about the sugar laden, artificially coloured jelly but super healthy wellness jelly that is making a comeback in a variety of forms! From bone broth based dessert jellies, healthy gut healing gummies to gelatin infused smoothies and juices, this grass-fed jelly is being used in health foods and drinks for its gut healing, skin boosting, nail strengthening properties. Don’t be surprised if “gelatin shot” is your new superfood go-to in 2017.

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