The 5 ‘healthy’ breakfast foods that may be adding inches to your waistline


If you thought Granola was healthy think again. Whilst it does contain the super food oats which are a good source of fibre and iron and nutrient rich nuts, granola can often be very high in calories as it generally has high amounts of sugar added (often with healthy-sounding names such as rice malt extract, maple syrup, coconut sugar) and plant oils. The plant oils are high in omega 6 and extremely vulnerable to light and heat which means they can go rancid quickly. Consuming oxidised plant oils may be a contributing factor to inflammatory disease within the body and eating these on a regular basis may be detrimental to our health. Choose oats over granola which has all the health benefits minus the added sugars and oils.

Banana Bread

Banana bread sounds healthy but it is basically cake. The commercial varieties tend to be laden with sugar and contain minimal protein which we need to maintain energy levels throughout the morning. Eating banana bread for breakfast is an invitation to send blood sugar soaring and crashing which can lead to energy slumps and mid-morning sugar cravings. Choose a homemade banana bread recipe with lower sugar content or swap to a wholegrain bread with sliced banana and peanut butter for extra sweetness and protein.


Whilst Paleo advocates may be promoting bacon and eggs as a low carb healthy breakfast option, according to WHO bacon is listed as a group 1 carcinogen putting it in the same category as tobacco and asbestos. Bacon is a highly processed meat that often has artificial colours, preservatives and additional salt added. If you are looking for a healthier bacon option choose organic sulphite free bacon (it doesn't look as pretty and is usually grey in colour!) or swap out to eggs, a powerhouse of protein and nutrients to give you an energy boost to start your day.

Turkish bread

Choosing Turkish bread over tradition toast to start your day can significantly up the calories and add inches to your waist line if you are not careful. Turkish bread is considerably higher in calories than regular sliced bread and contains high amounts of sodium. The large air pockets in the bread tend to trap more butter or toppings which ups both the calories and the fat content. Choose regular wholegrain toast as an alternative.

Orange Juice

Commercial orange juice is often high in sugar with many brands adding additional sugar to an already sweet product. Pasteurisation tends to destroy the delicate enzymes and vitamin content that freshly squeezed juice contains plus it lacks the valuable fibre of fresh whole fruit. Swap juice out for an actual orange to ensure you get all the fibre and nutrients that orange contain or choose a freshly squeeze juice over bottled.

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