Top tips to prevent a hangover from hell

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Have a light snack before you go out which will help to slow down the absorption of alcohol and prevent you from getting too drunk too quickly.

  • Dilute wine by adding sparkling water and ice to create a spritzer. This makes the drink last longer and reduces alcohol consumption.

  • Choose clear spirits such as vodka or gin over dark. Beer, dark spirits and red wine contain more congeners which are harder for the liver to process and may produce more severe hangover type symptoms.

  • Wait until your glass is empty before refilling so you can track how many drinks you have had. Constant small top ups can lead to drinking in excess as you can end up drinking way more than you realize.

  • Hydrate in between drinks with a glass of water. Not only will this keep you hydrated (dehydration can be a major symptom of a hangover) but it allows you to pace yourself.

  • Avoid mixing drinking such as dark spirits, wine and beer. Combining the various congeners or impurities may result in more severe hangover symptoms. Additionally the carbonation in beer and champagne speeds up the absorption of alcohol. Drinking spirits, liqueurs or wine after a beer or champers can be a bad combination as it gives the body even less time than usual to process the toxins.

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