Top tips to prevent waste and save money this festive season

A sustainable waste free Christmas:

  • Choose ugly. Waste not want not. A great way to save on the grocery shopping bill and help prevent waste is to choose the less than perfect fruit and veg. Many grocery stores now have an ‘ugly’ section where you can pick up the ugly stuff for a cheaper price. Whilst it may not look as pretty, it is just as edible and nutritious as the perfectly polished varieties and once chopped and cooked nobody will even know it was once an ugly duckling.

  • Write a list. Shop smart by writing a shopping list of what you need. This will prevent wandering aimlessly through the supermarket aisles and being lured by marketing promo specials selling you things that you did not even need or want in the first place.

  • Love your menu. Buy food that you know your loved ones like to eat to prevent throwing out wasted food. Whilst Brussel sprouts, Christmas pud and turkey may be traditional Christmas items there is no point buying them if you know that nobody in your family likes them. Choose a dessert for example that you know will get polished off and leave your guests licking their lips for more.

  • Peel on. Wash fruit and veggies well but leave on the peel to avoid waste and to maximise the nutrient and fibre content.

  • Wash as you go. Avoid pre washing fruit such as berries and cherries as any left on moisture may increase spoilage time. Wash cherries just before you eat them and they will last a lot longer.

  • Place fresh herbs and cut veggies in cold water in the fridge as this will help them to last a lot longer.

  • Use up the left overs. There is always something we can whip up with the left overs. Cold veg and potatoes can be used in frittatas or hash browns, meat in curries, cheese pieces can be used in pasta bakes or mac’ n cheese and even dried out sponge cake or puddings can be soaked in fruit juice and reused in a trifle.

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